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Mobile Blackjack – Your number is 21!

Loved by millions of players in Canada and around the world, the card game, also known as 21, is very simple, fun and generous with good wins. Experience the charm of the best mobile blackjack!

The classic version of this game is over 300 years old. No one can say with certainty exactly where she appeared, but the first mention of her is found in the novel “Don Quixote”. This game is known for the fact that the player’s chances of winning are practically equal to the odds of the house, and when using a certain strategy, they also increase. Enjoy different versions of this game, playing at home or on the road, and see if you can beat the dealer by getting more points than he has, but no more than 21.

Learn to play Blackjack

The process of playing blackjack is not as confusing as some Canada players might imagine. You can learn the basics in our mobile casino, but if you want to masterfully play this game using strategies, then this, of course, will take much more time.

To play at Spin Casino online using your mobile device, place your initial bet and click the Play button, after which you will be dealt 2 cards face up. The dealer deals either 1 card or 2. In any case, one card will be dealt face up. After that, if you do not immediately receive the combination “Blackjack”, that is, Ace and a picture or 10, you can stop, collect additional cards, double (“double”), or split the existing 2 first cards (“split”). After you choose what to do with your initially dealt two cards, and do it with the help of the dealer, the dealer will draw cards for himself, after which he will announce the winner.

Learn more about blackjack actions

All the actions that can be done in blackjack are easy to remember, as these are the basics of the game. And you need to know them if you want to play blackjack successfully.

Your goal is to beat the dealer by gaining more than him and as close as possible to 21 points. You can stop if you think you have enough points. Otherwise, you can take additional cards. You can also double your stake and take just one additional card. If you have 2 identical cards, you can split them by making a split, forming two new “hands”, and collecting them separately for each of these 2 hands. Feel the heat of passion in the mobile online casino.

Find the version that suits you best

Like the classic roulette game, there have been many exciting versions of blackjack throughout the history of blackjack. In the European version, the dealer takes the second card for himself only after all players have decided on their first two cards. The American version is more “harsh”, since the dealer at the very beginning deals himself two cards at once and may even spy on one of them. In other versions, such as Spanish, certain cards are removed from the deck.

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