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Playing mobile roulette in online casino

Each version of the mobile roulette that you can find in casino provides a unique opportunity to enjoy a game that originated 300 years ago. Depending on what you are looking for, you can enjoy playing with a low or high house edge, as well as the opportunities offered by different types of bets, as well as special rules.

The American roulette wheel has two green cells; one of which is marked as 0 and the other as 00. This makes the game much more difficult than its European or French version, whose wheels have only one zero.

The European version of mobile roulette offers a game that is perhaps the most famous around the world in casinos.

The French version of the game contains bets that can be found in the European one, as well as additional named (English call) and neighboring (English neighbor) bets. The French version of roulette also uses the “La Partage” rule, which means that you get half your bets if you bet on even / odd, red / black, high / low if the ball hits a cell with 0.

How to play mobile roulette

Playing mobile roulette does not require any special moves or skills. All you need to do is place bets on the color or cell number of the wheel that you think the ball will hit.

All possible options, from general to specific, can be found on the inner and outer tracks of the table. To place bets, drag the chip to the appropriate place on the table.

Inside bets, also known as inside bets, are much more specific than outside bets. While they are much more difficult to win with, their payouts are much higher than outside bets.

Outside bets in mobile roulette, on the other hand, are even-money bets. They are much easier to win, so they are an excellent option for players who have little or no experience in playing roulette.

Click on “Play” to start spinning the wheel and wait for the winning option to be announced by the Microgaming software. If your bets win, the payout will be added to your winnings.

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