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Basic rules of playing Blackjack

“Blackjack” is a well-known card game “twenty-one”. However, over time, the game has been seriously modified. A scientific theory was developed, the application of which greatly increases the chances of winning. The popularity of the game is due to the theory of probability – a win is not always guaranteed for a casino. This is what sets Blackjack apart from most other casino games. Many gamblers are aware of this, so the interest in the game continues unabated. Certain cards in “Blackjack” bring a certain number of points, and the main task is to score 21 points or at least get as close as possible to this amount (but in no case to score more). It is noteworthy that even color blind people can easily indulge in this entertainment – the color of the suit does not matter.

The object of the blackjack game is to score twenty-one points, or the number of points as close as possible to this amount, but not more than it. If a player scores more than twenty-one points, he immediately loses. In other cases, the value of his cards is compared with the value of the dealer’s cards and the winner is determined. A ten-point card and an ace received from a deal are called blackjack. It is the only combination of cards in the game that has a name and is superior in strength to any other card.

Cards Values

Cards from two to ten have the same value as their face value. The dignity of a jack, queen and king is equal to ten points. Ace can give one or eleven points. This choice is made in favor of the player.

For example, if the box has an ace and a four, it is declared that the player has five or fifteen points. If he gets a six, he will receive twenty-one points (in some casinos, in such a situation, the game automatically goes to the next box, and in some, eleven or twenty-one are announced and the player himself makes a choice whether to take another card). However, if he gets a seven, he will be considered to have twelve points, but not twenty-two.

Number of players

The number of players is limited by the number of boxes (betting fields) on the gaming table. In the traditional version, there are seven of them. However, this does not mean that players can place joint bets on the same box. The main thing is that their amount does not exceed the maximum size of bets allowed for this table.

Number of bets

In many casinos it is forbidden to play on one box, so the player must make at least two bets. The maximum number of bets per player is determined by each casino, but usually it is limited only by the number of boxes on the table.

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