Online Blackjack

Online blackjack terms and variations

On their boxes, the player is allowed not only to take cards, but also to use additional features.

Split – having two cards of the same denomination on a box (in some casinos even of the same denomination, that is, a queen and a king), a player can split them into two boxes by placing another bet of the same size. After that, an additional set of cards will be produced for each of the new boxes. If a card of the same denomination comes to one of the new boxes, the split can be done again. The number of possible splits from one box varies, but usually does not exceed three. When splitting aces, as a rule, only one card is dealt, after which the game proceeds to the next box. If the ace comes again, you can make another split. An ace and any ten-point card obtained as a result of the split are not considered blackjack and are considered twenty-one points (meaning they will lose if the dealer has blackjack).

Double – having received the first two cards, the player has the right to make a double. To do this, he must double his original stake. After that, he is dealt one more card for this box and the dealer goes to the next player or opens his cards.

Triple – this rule does not work in all casinos and allows the player to make another bet equal to the initial one after the double on the box and get an additional card.

Surrender – having received the first two cards, the player has the right to refuse to continue playing on this box, having given half of the original bet. It should be noted that this rule does not apply in almost all casinos if the dealer has an ace open. Moreover, it is often canceled if the dealer has a ten-point card face up.

Insurance – if the dealer has an ace open, he offers players to insure against blackjack. The insurance is half the original bet and pays 2: 1 if the dealer has blackjack.

Game variations

There are several variations of the classic blackjack game. The main difference lies in the number of cards the dealer deals to himself at the beginning of the round. In addition, there are variants of the rules according to which the dealer opens two cards. In general, most casinos reserve the right to make adjustments to rules such as sarrenda, double, split, blackjack payment and some others.
Sometimes there are bonus rules in the form of an additional increased payment of three sevens on one box or some other combinations. On the other hand, rules that are disadvantageous to the player may be introduced. For example, limiting the maximum number of cards that are dealt per box.

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