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Kansas Bad Boy Buggies, EZ-GO AND Yamaha Golf Car Dealer

About Jacobs Golf Cars


Jacobs Golf Cars is the authorized dealer for Bad Boy Buggies, EZ GO Golf Carts and Yamaha Golf Carts in Great Bend Kansas and its surrounding areas. We specialize in the sale of both new and used golf carts including utility vehicles as well as yearly maintenance, complete repair, parts and rentals.

The company was founded in 1989 by Gary Jacobs as an initiative to serve the community of Great Bend’s golfing culture. Since then Jacobs Golf Cars has employed a united team of mechanics, electricians and marketing professionals who provide great customer service to the local community. Today our customers can order custom built carts and enjoy test riding a new or pre owned golf car.

Owning a golf car can be both fun and rewarding. The versatility of golf carts today span across many areas including weddings, campgrounds, gardening, parties, golfing and off trail riding. Getting to know our customers is important to us, and helps us decide which golf cart will work best for them. We enjoy being a company that provides vehicles for both relaxing and exhilarating experiences.